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More than 20 Highland High School students had the opportunity to experience the state of hypnosis at a special show at the school’s auditorium Feb. 6. Comedic hypnotist Michael Oddo entertained students and community members with his ability to hypnotize others, which he demonstrated on student volunteers from the audience.

Molly Pellerite is a counselor and senior class advisor for Highland High School. She said all of the proceeds from this show go toward the class of 2017 and wanted to initiate something that would be fun and healthy for the community.

“Our class officers did a lot of research to find a fundraiser that would be fun and interesting and would raise money for senior prom,” she explained.

At the beginning of the show, Oddo explained what hypnosis is in contrast to some of the misconceptions people have about hypnosis.

“Hypnosis is a state of concentration,” he said. “If you’re able to concentrate, you’re able to be hypnotized.”

Several students volunteered to come up on stage to be hypnotized. The process started when the lights were dimmed and Oddo lulled them into a deep state of concentration on his voice and his instructions. While they were hypnotized, the volunteers acted out several different humorous scenarios, such as playing in a band, flying on an airplane, lounging around on a beach and competing in a dance competition. Oddo concluded the show by presenting the student volunteers with some motivations to change something in their life that they want to change before luring them out of their hypnotized state. Not all of the volunteers on stage were successfully hypnotized throughout the course of the show. A few of the students were unable to stay hypnotized and were led off stage as the show continued.

Pellerite said while she hopes to hold more fundraisers for senior prom throughout the rest of the school year, she is glad this fundraising effort was as successful as it was.

“We just wanted to get one successful one (fundraiser) under our belt and move on from there,” she said.

Oddo became a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2001. After attending a workshop on stage hypnosis, he has performed in shows across the country with his comedic hypnosis. More information on Michael Oddo can be found online at
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